HonkyTonk Threads & Smoke Shop,  is a blend of styles all in one store. We have tons of options including indie, chic, Boho,  hippie, and more. We strive to represent those in our local area and have many locally crafted  products from those in the Springfield community. While the term "honky tonk" has a country connotation from the past top-hit song, what's in our store is much different. HonkyTonk was actually a term for a bar or tavern in the olden days, so that's exactly what we are bringing - a fun, social environment for all to enjoy. We are a local shop full of products from hippie to trendy and everywhere in-between. We sell local soaps, hemp lotion, tapestries, t-shirts, dresses, incense and more. We also carry glass and CBD products. We are two best friends trying to bring smiles to the people of Springfield and to create positive vibes for all of our customers.


420 S. Campbell, Suite 102
Springfield, MO 65806


Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm



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