What’s up with Honky Tonk?

HonkyTonk Threads & Smoke Shop is a blend of many styles in one store. You could call us an indie-chic-bohemian-hippie shop, and that’s not mentioning our southern charm. We strive to support creators in our local area—at Honky Tonk you’ll find locally crafted products from the Springfield community.

While the term "honky tonk" may remind you of a certain country-western song, what's in our store is much different. “Honky Tonk” was an old timey term for a bar or tavern, so we’ve created a fun and sociable environment with something for everyone. We carry soaps, hemp lotion, tapestries, t-shirts, dresses, incense, CBD products, glass & smoking supplies, and much more. Come soak in the good vibes at our store! We’d love to hang out with you.

Check out our radical Honky Tonk commercial!


Meet Amanda

Amanda Masten is the founder and fearless leader of Honky Tonk Threads & Smoke Shop. Drop by and find out why customers love to come back and hang out with Amanda! With her fun loving attitude and tons of cool stuff to show you, you’ll never be bored at her store.

As an independent business owner, Amanda is directly supporting her family with Honky Tonk and every purchase you make helps her take care of herself and loved ones. Amanda works hard to find nifty hand-made items from Springfield’s creative community, so when you buy from Honky Tonk, you’re also helping artists in our neighborhood. Can’t beat that!

You can find us in downtown Springfield, MO!